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Have your pool table moved by an experienced and reliable pool table moving company. We are a local billiards service that provides pool table moving, pool table re-felting and pool table repair to all of Atlanta, Georgia. We would love to help you out with you pool table needs. Whether you are: buying a pool table, selling a pool table, need new felt or need repairs

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Most residential pool tables are constructed of a wooden frame with 3 pieces of slate to create the playing surface. The wooden frame of most American made tables is quite strong, however, a pool table is likely to to be damaged by moving in one piece due to the sheer weight of the pool table. It is mandatory that the pool table be disassembled before it is moved, even if only moving a short distance, such as room to room. Bar/Coin operated pool tables and tables that have an automatic ball return are usually constructed of one piece slate. The one piece slate pool tables can usually be move in one piece, the legs may be removed for practical purposes.


To Get An Accurate Estimate We Need To Know The Following:

The Size Of Your Pool Table

7 and 8 foot pool table are very common for residential pool tables. There are also quite a few 9 foot tables out there as well. If you are not sure what size table you have just measure the width of your pool table from the inside of one rail to the other. See Illustration here

What Brand Pool Table (Manufacturer)

Another important factor for an accurate quote is knowing what kind of pool table you have. There are usually placards on the head rail (the rail you break from). If there is not a placard on the head try taking a look underneath the table. If you still can't find a manufacturers marking . click here

Are There Going To Be Any Stairs Involved

Another factor in the pool table moving price quote is whether there will be any flights of stairs involved. For example, will the table be coming from or moving into a 2nd floor or basement. Please let us know so that we can give you an accurate moving quote.

Have your pool table taken care of properly. Even if you don't decide to hire us, hire a professional pool table mover to to do the job for you. An experienced pool table mover has the special tools, skills and experience to make sure you pool table is moved damage free and set up to play properly.

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